Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday 19.2: Clean and jerk, Burpees

Thursday. Strength, clean and jerk (max 95kg). Cashout, 100 burpees.

Today's session was all about clean and jerks. Haven't been able to press / jerk pretty much at all lately so I had some expectations to finally get the bar overhead. I took the lifts with percentage work, written by competitorswod, and it worked perfectly. Afterwards I had little time for a metcon so it changed to 100 burpees on the fly. Not bad

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  • 3x3 @ 60%, 62.5kg
  • 3x2 @ 70%, 72.5kg
  • 2x1 @ 75%, 77.5kg
  • 2x1 @ 80%, 85kg
  • 3x1 @ 85%, 90kg
  • 2x1 @ 90%, 95kg
So this was precisely percentage work, counted from max load. My current 1RM is 105kg, taken some time ago. Probably wouldn't jerk that in the current shape of my overhead work. There's some technical things that needs to be corrected and I need to engage my core and flutes better in those lifts. But I'm happy on how I got these jerks done.

There were a total of 15 sets of lifting so it took some time as well. Plus I wasn't the only guy doing barbell work at the spot. I took all lifts as singles, like in weightlifting style. For example those triples in the beginning. They were not touch'n'go reps. I brought the bar back in the ground, reset and took another rep. Basically had my hands on the bar all the time anyway.

I've been hesitating to clean to full clean, as in a squat position because wrists are in a full range of motion and that position has been painful. However, there's been some good light lately on this issue as I've been able to do overhead squat, handstand push-ups, and power cleans so my thoughts were optimistic that squat cleans might be possible. I started with power cleans and went up to 77.5kg as power cleans. The latter of those singles was squat clean, and the rest were squat cleans too.

The clean part of this was easy, no matter whether it was power or squat clean. I was a bit hesitant on the squat clean but those went pretty well. Jerks were much tougher but I got these done well. Last reps at 95kg were heavy. It was great to have those reps done as planned.

  • 100 burpees
My initial plan for a metcon was 10 min amrap of burpees and double unders, 10 - 25 reps. I was supposed to be on my way already after the clean and jerk action but somehow I got time for some burpees. Had no actual plan, just hit my chest to deck and started moving. Got 30 in a row, took a break, hit another set of 30 burpees, break, and then 2x20 reps more to finish 100 burpees. Those really got my heart beat skyrocketing as burpees always do. Good cashout. I didn't time this one but moved with a purpose.

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