Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday 1.12: Squats, Emom

Tuesday. Back squat 4x8 @ 120kg. Emom x 21min: 1st min 5 hang power clean (50kg) + 5 burpee, 2nd min 10 reverse lunges (50kg), 3rd min 10 push-up + 10 t2b.

It's December c'mon! Time to start waiting for Christmas. Our house is already looking like it and work place too. Yesterday's session feels in my body for sure. Entire upper body is smashed. The volume of pull-ups made a big difference. And somehow also legs had taken a hit. Had to warm-up up properly to get fluids flowing in my body and legs ready for the upcoming task.

  • Back squat 4x8 @ 120kg
When doing these sets I wanted to get a feeling of a little heavier weights before starting the first working set. Built up to it by doing 6x60, 5x90, 3x110, 1x120, 1x130kg. The last rep was still easy and I thought about doing 140kg too but for some reason decided to start working already. That wasn't much heavier than the work set but it sure helped to go a bit higher in kilos. Bar felt much lighter on the way down than on the way up. Funny but it's true.

On the first set I went 4 reps straight away touch'n'go without any pause. From then on the latter half were "singles", and then a breath taking moment on top. Last 2 reps were not nice. On the 2-4 sets it was possible to get only 3 reps tng style before knocking them one by one.

On the last set I had to ask for a spotter because my legs were jello already on the second set. Third set was brutal, and a real battle for the last reps. Last set was horrible. My legs went noodles big time. It felt difficult to stand after those final repetitions. At least that made good to lower body!

  • Every minute on the minute x 21 minutes
  • 1st minute: 5 hang power clean, 50kg + 5 burpee
  • 2nd minute: 10 reverse lunges, 50kg
  • 3rd minute: 10 push-ups + 10 toes-to-bar
This was tough as well. Okay first and third minute work were easier but with these legs those lunges weren't that cool. Those also made the clean/burpee and push-up/t2b sets worse. Breathing was under control even though it started to get heavier but legs and hip flexors started to get tight in the course of the emom wod. It was kind of like a whole-body meltdown and recovery started to become an issue. It took me equal amount of time each round but mentally this got tougher by the round.

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