Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday 11.1: Cleans, Squats, Thrusters, Ghd

Monday. Every 90sec: 3 hang squat clean (up to 95kg). Every 90sec: 3 front squats (up to 125kg). Wod, 8rds of: 10 thrusters (40kg), 12 ghd.

Went for another efficient session. I was done for three pieces of action in one hour, including warm-ups. This is nice variation to long sessions at the gym. Oly lifts, squats and conditioning, good combination.


  • Every 90 seconds, perform 3 hang squat clean (60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 95, 90kg)
It was time to add up from single emoms I've been doing lately. This was an unbroken set of a triple clean at hang position. Felt good on the timing, and my legs felt strong. Had no problems with them at all. I was a little skeptical on the pull so that prevented me on putting more weight on the barbell. However, as I look at the video below I realize there was plenty of room still.



  • Every 90 seconds, perform 3 front squats (100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125kg, 2reps @ 130kg)
Started working towards these pretty soon after the cleans. Some reps at empty bar, then 60kg and 90kg. At that point clock was at 16 minutes as I began the first set at 100kg. Went touch'n'go up to 110kg, then took a short pause on top of the reps.

I'm very happy on these actually. 125kg felt awesome for a double, the third was a grind. On the 130kg the first was somehow light but the second was a good battle and there was no chance for a third rep.

First piece done at 11 minutes, squats at 25 minutes and finally the metcon at 42min


  • 8 rounds of:
  • 10 thrusters @ 40kg
  • 12 ghd sit-ups
This was an intense one and solid pace on each round. Went unbroken on both of the movements. Right after thrusters I walked to the ghd and completed the needed reps. Then walked back to the platform, took a breath and started working.

I believe the clock was somewhere at 31 minutes as I started working on the first round. Didn't take any round times but it felt like the pace was similar for each round. On the last 2 rounds I felt my shoulders burn in a nice way. Other than that this was mostly a good conditioning piece.

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