Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday 24.1: Row, Pistols, Sdhp, Sled

Sunday. Metcon, 1.000m row, 50 pistols, 50 sdhp. Sled pull, 3x40m @ 110kg, rest as needed.

Today we went to the gym together with Pauliina. Quality time with the family I would say. Plan was to ride to the sun with jerks but my wrist hurts more than it has this far. Got to be careful with that one so I changed plans and did things that don't put lots of pressure on that area.

  • 1.000m row
  • 50 pistol squats
  • 50 sumo deadlift high-pulls @ 50kg
Great one! Huh, this was not a pleasant idea to jump on to. The row was a good warm-up. I saw there no point in rowing my ass off and getting out of breath before the pistols. That would gassed me out of the game. The pace was a little faster than 1:50 / 500m. I guess the time was 3.38 at 1.000m.

Got to admit that 50 pistol squats in a row made me hesitate a bit. Decided to complete them in sets of 10 reps, alternating after every rep. They went better than I anticipated. Very pleased on them. Maybe couple of shady ones there that I'm not entirely pleased with but in general I'm very happy.

Last element sumo deadlift high-pulls. These were supposed to be 70kg hang power cleans but there was no chance I was getting a barbell on my front rack. Wrist doesn't allow that to happen. This was a perfect sub for cleans. Doing high-rep workout with sdhp's has been tickling me for a long time so this suited very well. Got them done in 10-10-5-5-5-5-5-5. Check the video for pistols and sumo's.

  • Sled pull backwards
  • 3x40m @ 110kg (plus sled)
  • Rest as needed between sets
This was a killer in the end. It's now been pretty much 10 days in a row doing squats or burning legs in some form. The purpose of this workout in the end was to get strong mentally. I'm telling you my quads were burning big time. Especially on the way back. The grass matt is 20 meters so I went back and forth. The way back was a murder on the mid-way. I took something like 3min rest between efforts. My quads were hard as rock after each set. They were close to cramping most of the time.

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