Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday 20.1: 40min running clock

Wednesday. 0-10min: 30 air squat, 10 t2b, 10 double kb jerk (2x16kg). 10-20min: build up to heavy c&j. 20-30min: 10 burpee, 25 du. 30-40min: row.

I'll try to get this type of workout done rather ofter. Goal is on a weekly basis. Let's see how this adjustment is going to take place. Effective and lots of work done in short period of time. How I structured this one is that the first is founded on bodyweight elements, maybe some weights thrown in too. But it's something you can go after soon after entering the gym and right after just short warm-ups.

  • With a running clock for 40 minutes, complete the following:
  • 0:00-10:00min, 10min amrap of:
  • 30 air squats
  • 10 toes-to-bar
  • 10 double kettlebell shoulder-to-overhead @ 2x16kg
  • Result, 280 reps (5 rounds + 30 air squats)
  • 10-20min:
  • Build up to a heavy clean and jerk
  • Result, 95kg
  • 20-30min:
  • 10 burpees
  • 25 double unders
  • 267 reps (7 rounds + 12 du's)
  • 30-40min:
  • Row
  • Distance, 2.550m

Even though the first one is bodyweight it doesn't mean it's easy. Especially my legs took a good beating there on the air squats. Went ub on those anyway, just paced myself on those last rounds. T2b's unbroken too, somehow my grip started to slip a bit but 10 reps should be okay any day. Damned that last element was great. Jerks from shoulders with two kettlebells at the same time. It's a pity these 16 kilo bells are the only ones that we seem to have 2 units.

It's a bit different thing to do strength piece after metcon. This is most likely beneficial to mix things up in this way. It's been ages since doing heavy clean and jerks so it was cool to get that barbell overhead. Timings were a bit off  but I'm happy to get 95kg i the air. That was the last one I tried.

I thought this would be a nightmare at this point of the workout. For some reason I felt very comfortable on this one. And the biggest takeaway is that double unders are going perfectly. Once I remember to foam roll my shins prior to du's. Today there were no misses in any of the rounds, ub all the way. This metcon took the best of me so the last 10 min row was easy pace. Still, my legs were cramping most of the time. That proved me this session was a success.

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