Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday 17.1: C&J, T2b, Squat, Jerk

Sunday. At 0:00: Wod, 9min amrap, 3-3, 6-6, 9-9… of: c&j @ 60kg and t2b. At 20:00: Back squat 5x3 @ 130kg. At 40:00: Wod, 3rds of: 2min amrap of push @ 60kg, 2min rest.

Saturday was a rest day. We had a date night with wife and no room for crossfit to kickstart Saturday. Today it was compensated with a great training session. Even though I was not on a tight schedule I decided to keep it effective. With a running clock all this work got done in 50 minutes, with about 10-15 minutes of warm-ups before the first metcon.

Metcon. At 0:00. Result, 82 reps (8 t2b's on the round of 15's)

  • 9min amrap
  • 3-3, 6-6, 9-9 of:
  • Clean and jerk @ 60kg
  • Toes-to-bar

Ugly stuff if you ask me. Whenever there's lots of clean and jerks involved with semi-heavy loads, it's gonna be nasty. In the beginning it's not gonna wear you down but the further you go, the more c&j's you gotta perform in a row, and that's the ugly part. At least for me.

Plan was to do all barbell movements in triples, no matter what round was on. And t2b's just by feeling, they were not the main piece here. That strategy stuck till the end nicely. This really got to my shoulders and legs. Maybe legs even more on the push jerks.

First metcon

Strength. At 20:00

  • Back squat 5x3 @ 130kg (last set for 5 reps)
It kind of felt like I'm ready to go home after the first metcon. 9 minutes of pain felt bad enough. Had to walk the pain away for a while, then started warming up for the squats that stood in my calendar. It's a funny feeling when 60kg back squats are so heavy that I decided to do just a triple instead of the 5 reps that were in my mind…

Ultimate goal was 130kg that was looming in my eyes on the horizon. Luckily that wasn't too far away. Normally it wouldn't be that bad but after the first piece it felt unreal. It was great to go for back squats anyway. Total of 5 sets of triples, except the last set witnessed 2 extra reps just for the fun of it.

Squats and jerks

Metcon. At 40:00. Result, 61 reps (24, 18, 19 reps)

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 2min amrap of push jerk @ 60kg
  • 2min rest
Squats made me feel like at least now it's time to wrap it up and go home. And not the barbell for a second more. I'm very pleased I still tried what 60kg jerks would feel like with 2 reps. Surprisingly good so it was time for this last piece of action. Two minutes of as many push jerks as possible. I took the bar from rack @ 60kg.

This is something I remember Mikko Salo doing a lot in the past. That's where I've picked this one. It's a good workout which I like to take in every now and then. It builds up muscle endurance with this classic 60kg load that I see more beneficial for crossfit than heavy singles for example.

Wife made the best lunch ever for us

My shoulders were shot pretty soon when this began. Went on totally by feeling. It was 10 reps on the first set, then smaller ones. Something between 3-6 the entire time on each set. Damned my shoulders were gone after the last amrap. Video above is from the first amrap.

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