Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday 6.1: Press, Squat, Pull-ups

Wednesday. Push press 2x6 @ 75kg. Emom x 10min. Odd, back squats. Even, pull-ups.

Yesterday was a rest day. Simply wasn't time to hit it. Woke up somewhere after 6.00 and was on the move sometime after. Regular working day, had to run for errands and arrived home just minutes before Finland was about to challenge Russia in U20 Ice Hockey's World Championship Final. And the good news is Finland rocked it and was crowned as the Champ!!! What a game, c'mon!

  • Push press 2x6 @ 75kg
The weather is still cold as f*ck. Over 20 minus degrees is not my thing. This cold crawls deep in my bones and I feel frozen all the time. At the gym it's also colder than normally and my body doesn't react too well for that. I was able to push through the push presses without misses even though they felt heavier. I didn't break a sweat during these which felt awkward.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • Odd min, back squats (6-10 reps @ 60-90kg)
  • Even min, 15 pull-ups
This was not very structured workout. I just started working after the presses. Took couple of squats with empty bar, then put 60kg and tapped the timer on. Went for 10x60kg on the first minute, then 8x70, 6x80, 6x85, 6x90kg on the following minutes. On the even minutes it was pull-ups, 15 reps each round. I'd say normally after rest day my body is well prepared for action but in this weather I didn't get it going at any point. The good outcome of this session was the progress of presses and good bunch of pull-ups.

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