Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday 28.4: Lynne

Monday. Benchmark workout Lynne, 5 rds of: ME Bench (bodyweight), ME Pull-ups. Result, 36 bench, 105 pull-ups.

I figured it might be time to do some bench. Definitely not my favorite thing but it's not one of my strengths so which means it should be practiced. I got a good upper body workout with benchmark workout Lynne, bench and pull-ups. Some mobility at the end of the session.

Lynne. 36 bench, 105 pull-ups. Compare to 13.4.2013

  • 5 rounds of:
  • Max effort bench press, bodyweight (80kg)
  • Max effort pull-ups


  • 1st round, 11 + 30
  • 2nd round, 8 + 20
  • 3rd round, 6 + 20
  • 4th round, 6 + 20
  • 5th round, 5 + 15

Lynne is not a timed workout, rest as needed between sets. I've done her once, about a year ago. My bodyweight hasn't changed much, I weigh around 80, 82 at max, depending on the day. Last time I got 25 bench and exactly the same amount of pull-ups.

I gave my everything on the bench every round. On pull-ups I gave myself a little slack on the first 2 rounds and didn't complete as many reps as I could have. On the last 3 rounds I definitely put lots of effort on getting as many reps done as possible.

The workout is demanding on upper body, no doubt. It was a little difficult to put shampoo on my hair in the shower afterwards as my hands, lats and forearms were on fire. It was difficult to squeeze my hand to a fist as forearms were so tense.

This one is challenging from second round on. There's a lot of tension in forearms, lats and upper body in general which makes it nasty to grab the bars. Good workout, no wonder it's a benchmark workout!

We went for a couple's walk yesterday evening with Pauliina =) She took some photos at the end of our trip in the neighborhoods.

Need to work on this one, couldn't find a hollow position yesterday

Hey, if you speak finnish I suggest you go and take a look at Toni's blog. He had his first competition last weekend and was excited on the atmosphere they had at the Box. He wrote a recap of the throw down today from his perspective.

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