Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday 26.4: Back squat triples

Saturday. Build up to 3RM on back squat. Result 140kg!

Saturday morning was dedicated to squat session, purely work on that lower body strength and then mobility for quite a while afterwards. I felt great after the session, I guess the mobility did its tricks and I felt light in my body. No tension anywhere, muscles didn't hurt and nothing was sore. Let's see what my hamstrings feel like tomorrow. That might be another thing.

  • Back squat
  • Build up to 3 rep max
  • 60, 80, 105, 120, 130, 135, 140kg
Goal was to hit it hard on squats. As I've used to squat couple of times a week it seems like an eternity since I've done squats. As I scroll back it was 9 days ago when I hit 10x3 back squats at 130kg. Okay, there was 4x4 front squats @ 110kg couple of days ago. My legs were waiting for this session, no doubt about it. I've mentally learned to love squatting and it's difficult not to engage myself with heavy squats.

Squat recap

Today the goal was to find 3 rep max set, no time pressure. It's been 135kg this far. The 120kg barbell felt like I had to do work but like many times before, the situation was similar today too. Just add plates on the barbell and take it up. There wasn't much of a difference in the feeling inside my head between 120 and 130kg. And once I looked it from video between sets I realized there's no doubt heavier weights would come up too.

So after 130kg it was time to add it to 135kg and finally 140kg. I have once taken a double at 140kg and couple of singles in my life time. Needless to say I was pumped up to get 140kg up for a triple! I think I'm en route to my ultimate goal in squats: 160kg. Some day I'll take that. Why 160kg? Because it's double my bodyweight and I believe that's where I should be at. That would also ease other lifts such as clean and snatch.

I did about half 20-30min stretching, mobility, resistance band activity to loosen up the tightness in my muscles and joints. I felt great after the session and body felt surprisingly fresh. Suppose it was a good thing not to have a metcon today at all. I'll save that for tomorrow.

Toni was on his first individual competition today, hosted by his own Box. I'm waiting eagerly for his report on the events, first comments were that his lower body is devastated from those 3 workouts and it's probably difficult to sit down tomorrow =)

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