Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friday 21.11: Active recovery

Friday. Active recovery.

Pre-Christmas party at work, what a blast! There's a total of 50 people at our sales unit, out of about 45 were present at the party, huge hit rate and it was a great time from the first minute. This was a rest day for me crossfit-wise.

We went to play "elephant football" after work. That means a sport which resembles soccer but is played with a huge gym ball, not with a regular football. That means to say there's not that much skills involved as you can't control the ball that well. Basic thing is that you somehow try to convey the ball to the other side of the field and score a goal. Today was the first day of real snow in Finland and the weather was pretty interesting. That made the sport even more awesome in my opinion. One of my coaches used to say back in the days that "there are no bad weather, there is just bad clothing". Word.

After football we headed back to work for party premises for sauna and dinner. We also have table tennis arena with two tables that were running full throttle for several hours. We played a tournament and there was probably someone playing throughout the evening. Food was good, company was great and everyone seemed to have a blast. Great success!

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