Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday 18.11: Squats, Cleans

Tuesday. Strength, back squat (max 135kg). Clean triples (max 95kg).

Back to squatting. There were some questions in the air as my ass was sore and hamstrings were tight. All because of Sunday's metcon of wall balls and lunges. I took some extra doze of magnesium yesterday to recover and foam rolled my legs enough to get back in action this Tuesday. This time I left metcons alone and concentrated in barbell work.

  • Back squat 3x100, 3x112.5, 4x127.5, 4x135, 3x135, 3x135, 4x130kg
  • Squat clean triples (40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 95kg)
These squats were a bit on the heavy side for today's shape. Having sore legs in the first place wasn't probably the most ideal situation to go squatting. I was looking to fight for 5's with 135kg in the end but damned that barbell was heavy at 135kg. I was able to go for 4-3-3 reps with that weight. 

On the last set I decided to take one step down to finish strong. And it sure was, that was light as a feather. Well, maybe a little exaggerated but you get the point. There was some psychological element involved by dropping down 5kg. The weight felt like it was 120kg.

Next focus was on squat cleans. Yesterday I took some power cleans in the metcon but squat cleans are a totally different ball game. Wrist must be in a little more flexed position so I wanted to see how it feels like. It's been okay yesterday and today so I was confident of hitting couple of cleans. I took couple of triples, building up to moderate heavy weights.

Those cleans felt awesome all the way, no pain at all! I was super stoked over this. My legs were spaghetti but the cleans were light for me. I'm definitely trying to take it easy on the wrists but still I want to start handling the barbell quickly. Let's see how much patience I really have.

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