Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday 16.8: Freestyling pair wod

Friday. Pair wod with Toni including tire flips, hang snatches, sledge hammer strikes, holding barbell overhead, clean & jerks.

We created one good partner wod with Toni today at his back yard, improvised a bit with the tools available and it turned out to be quite versatile indeed. Good breather!

Metcon. All 4 parts in a row. Time was around 28-29min

Part 1
  • 150 tire flips
  • Partners alternating after each rep
Part 2
  • 60 hang power snatches, 30kg
  • Partners alternating after 5 reps

Part 3
  • 120 sledge hammer strikes
  • Partner A completes 20 sledge hammer strikes in a row, then change turns
  • Partner B holds a barbell or log overhead while partner A completes 20 strikes
Part 4
  • 60 hang clean & jerks, 50kg
  • Partners alternating after each 5 reps

Men at work!

The first part was all about flipping the tractor tire. We both liked the movement a lot and it was perfect to start the workout with. It wasn't as heavy as we would like to have it but the movement made both of our hearts beat faster, heart circulating quicker and getting prepared for the rest of the workout. This turned out to be quite a long one, little less than half an hour of work.

The second part was something that could be called double Isabel. 30 reps snatches for both, changing turns after every 5 reps. Because we were working outdoors, we took the bar from hang position rather than from the grass. All weights today were lighter than normally and we were able to keep a steady pace for the entire session.

The third part was probably the toughest. I thought holding a log or barbell overhead would not be that hard of a challenge but it turned out that the combination of hammer strikes and overhead hold were a killer combination to the hands, forearms and grip. There were 6 sets for both of us of 20 hammer strikes and 6 sets of holds. The last 2 sets of holds were painful. However, it was not an option to drop the log because this was a pair workout and it would have slowed us both down. Mental game.

The last part was clean & jerks from hang position. It was only 50kg but after having your forearms burnt in the previous part, the bar felt heavier. I was still able to move it rather nicely and quick. In the beginning I did some presses but towards the end I started using jerk style to make it move faster.

I liked the nature of the workout. It wasn't that heavy on the weights but it got to breathing nicely. I also liked to play with these new tools. Hammer, tire and log. The log was probably around 40kilos.

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