Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday 4.8: Rest day

Sunday. Rest day

Taking a day off and spending the day in the city with Pauliina. Yesterday we had a great night at Toni's place. He had some superb tools to play with and I simply couldn't leave them alone =)

Chef de Pony was doing some delicious meals for us with her wife. We definitely enjoyed our stay! Have some photos from yesterday below. Toni was on the second day today on the on-ramp course. Can't wait to hear those tips he has learned again.

Hammering the tire

Nature's own push press / overhead squat tools

Flambéing some pancakes, yammy!


  1. Such a great and relaxing night! :) Thanks Pony and Saara!

  2. It was a great day! Thank you D and P! Today (monday) was my first wod at cf box and I enjoyed a lot.

    Ps. Dude, with HER wife :)