Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday 3.8: Muscle-ups, monkey bars

Saturday. Muscle-up skills. Monkey bar playing and toes-to-bar with rotation.

We are going to spend the day at Case de Toni with the ladies today. Got some spare time in the morning so I took my bicycle, rode to the nearby place where the city of Helsinki has put up a pull-up bar and other sports tools. Worked on my muscle-ups and played with the bar in other ways too. Toni had a crossfit on-ramp course today (and tomorrow) so I'm eager to hear about what it was like.

Muscle-ups for breakfast

Muscle-ups. 10 reps, mostly in singles
  • Working on technique
I can get over the bar and perform a muscle-up. That's been quite obvious since the day I got my first rep. Haven't actually had a no-rep since. However, there's a "but". I'm landing in the dip position with my right side first and that's definitely a weakness that must be corrected. I took a rubber band today with me in order to work on this shortage.

I tied it tight around my ankles and hoped it would force my legs to stay together. When my legs would stay together, the kick backwards would be simultaneous and then I would reach top position over the bar equally on both sides. Well, the rubber band wasn't a miraculous tool to fix this, still got to focus more on the pull and kick parts.

There was some horse competition some 50 meters away from my training place so don't wonder why there are horses in the background =)

Monkey bars. Also wanted to play with the monkey bars like a little kid so I walked them through in air a couple of times. Actually it was kind of cool stuff to play with. I remember seeing something alike in some Crossfit Games video clips from earlier years.

Toes-to-bar. Made them with rotation. That means I kept swinging my legs to the bar, starting from left side, then bringing it down and up again on the right side. I was aiming at 50 reps in the end. However, my hands got torn to blood at 36 reps and I had to stop and go clean the mess home.

Toni's workouts.
Haven't heard yet what the guy was doing there in precise but he went to a crossfit on-ramp course for beginners. Guess he was pretty advanced. What I do know, is that he got some great tips on deadlift and squat technique, can't wait to hear those hints!

You'll see some toes-to-bar with rotation in Blair Morrison's workout from 2.55min on. By the way, the workout he's doing, is quite sick!

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