Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July's stats

July's stats. The figures from July

This month I tried a few records and was able to break them. Not that many benchmark workouts, only Chief and Grace but a lot of barbell work and metabolic conditioning took place in the middle of the summer. I was also able to increase the amount of bodyweight workouts. That had it's cost, I couldn't keep up with the "cardio" work, meaning running, rowing etc.

Benchmark workouts.
  • Chief, 72 cleans, 144 push-ups, 207 squats
  • Heavy Grace, time 7.12
Both of these guys really got under my skin. I've done Chief twice and it's been a killer both times. Chief is a bad ass of power cleans, push-ups and air squats, 5 x 3min amraps, a lot of breathing. Grace is what Jason Khalipa would say: "throw your balls to the wall" =) That is, go all-in from the very beginning. I did a chunky Grace, adding 10kg to the rx'd weights.

Strength. 72.000kg

I spent one week in Spain in the middle of the month. Had no possibility to touch a barbell. Considering that, I still had more lifted kilos compared to June & May. That means to say the total weights per lifting day was higher than earlier.

Got back to over 10.000kg back squats. For some reason I didn't front squat even once last month? Not intentional, just didn't do it. Well, there was a lot of squat cleans though. Overhead squats were almost a weekly tradition with squat snatches. Cleans and shoulder-to-overhead movements were frequent. Haven't jerked / pressed this much ever. Got to strengthen my shoulders and I really feel I moved forward with them.


Not a huge difference in the skills department. A bit more handstand push-ups but pistols, muscle-ups and double unders remained the same. As much handstand training as earlier.


Almost all movements were performed at higher volumes than in June. Only pull-ups got a little lower and that's actually something I need to focus more on in the future. A lot of squats, almost doubled the amount. Also push-ups and burpees mounted up. Sit-ups are not essential, not gonna concentrate in those. I rely on toes-to-bar / knees-to-elbow more in the future. Don't understand why I haven't done that many box jumps lately, weird.

Cardio. 8.000m

Can't keep on increasing everything and for that reason the amount of cardio work staeyd lower. There was about 20k running and rowing last month and this month only 8k (3.5k rowing, 4.5k running). Not good! Still, huge amount of metabolic conditioning took place in July.

  • Clean & jerk, 87.5kg
  • Overhead squat, 70kg
  • Clean, 100kg
  • Jerk, 90kg
  • Muscle-ups, 4 reps

Tried a few personal records and got them successfully done. Not bad!

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