Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday 24.8: Front squats, deads & burpees

Saturday. Front squat, emom, 3 reps & 100kg, for 8min. Metcon, 21-15-9, deadlifts (100kg), burpees. Time 4.35

Time to squat! I'm gonna make myself love squats like I did some months ago. Front squat used to be my favorite movement for long time since I started lifting weights. Then I got worried about my form and little by little didn't have the familiar desire to squat continuously. I've been putting effort in my form, wider stance and hip mobility lately. Even bought weightlifting shoes, and am waiting eagerly to get them, hopefully next week!

Strength. Front squat, emom, 3 reps @ 100kg, for 8min. These squats were pretty much non-existing last month so I've really waited to get my hands in front squats. Decided to go for emom training to get a good load of weights in short time. 100kg is a load that already puts pressure on core and legs. Felt good to squat, that's the first thing that comes to my mind. Felt very good indeed!

Metcon. Time 4.35
  • 21-15-9
  • Deads, 100kg
  • Burpees

Deadlifts and squats, looking to improve my posterior chain in general. Decided to take a good breather after the squats. Thus, 100kg seemed a good weight for that purpose. The high rep agenda on the deads was also looking to enhance muscle endurance. That's quite a number of deads in a rather short period of time. Last session I did was 50 reps with 140kg, the purpose was totally different, it was way longer workout with heavy deads and hspu's.

I lifted everything unbroken, same with the burpees. Once I was done with one set of lifts, had to take a breath before the burpees. Same thing after the burpees. It's kind of funny that you can go on and do the reps but once you stop to change the movement, the feeling hits you. Have to catch a breath. It feels almost impossible to start doing something totally else right away. However, you could have continued hat same movement for a longer period of time.

I got the sets unbroken and was ready at 4.35. The only thing where I could have saved time was the transition between movements. In the last round after deadlifts I started doing burpees right away without similar pause like in the first and second round. That's because I knew it's only 9 reps left on the metcon.

Mainsite had workout of the day earlier this week where it was 21-15-9-9-15-21, with the same 2 movements. I'm guessing that would be a killer :) That would be 9.000kg and 90 burpees.
Toni woke up early today and drove to open gym at the local affiliate. I remember him doing at least some pull-ups and snatches. We're spending the rest of the weekend at the country side so I can't add videos of today's strength nor metcon. I'll fix that tomorrow.