Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday 10.8: Uphill run and kb swings, kb presses

Saturday. AM: Metcon, 15min amrap of: uphill run, 20 kb swings (32kg). Result, 6 rounds + up/downhill run. PM: Strength. 5 x 5/5 kb presses (32kg)

Weekend at the countryside. I've been looking at that local hill for some time. Every time I drive by it, I get excited and I'd like to turn to the gravel road that would take me right to the bottom of the hill, and then start running and swinging some kettlebells. Today was the day I finally got there with Pauliina. The only thing needed, was running shoes and kettlebells.


Metcon. Result 6 full rounds + run up/downhill.
  • 15min amrap of:
  • Run uphill, then downhill
  • 20 kb swings, 32kg

We had the camera with us but for some reason I forgot to take the cord with me with which it's possible to transfer the vids and photos to my mac. So I'll do it tomorrow. Update: done! The metcon itself was cool. Hard to say how long a distance the run was up and down the hill. It started with a gentle sloping but after midway it got steeper. The last 5-10 meters were very tough.

I went unbroken with the kettlebell swings for the first 3 rounds, then the 3 last rounds were 12+8 reps. The run really got to my legs, the last 10 meters of the uphill run were killing my quads and hamstrings. And heavy breathing was no surprise to anyone I suppose =) The path up there wasn't smooth so I had to all the time pay attention where to step in order no to twist my ankles. Especially on the way down, it was difficult to control the stepping.

This workout has been on my calendar from time to time but for different reasons I haven't been able to go and do it. I'm happy I got it off my thoughts. Loved it. Good high intensity training and a lot of kettlebell swings (120 reps). Also promised myself to run / row more so this was good workout in that sense as well.

Here's the first round of the workout

Strength. PM Strength session

  • Kettlebell presses 5 x 5/5 (32kg)

In the afternoon I took another session working with my bells. Never tried to clean nor press / jerk my heaviest kettlebell prior to this. There heaviest I've gone has been 20kg kb. I've done some dumbbell presses a bit heavier but not even close to 2 pood weight. I did 5 sets with both hands, 5 reps each time per hand. Starting with my right hand, finishing 5 reps, taking a breath and then 5 reps with left hand. Took my time to recover and went on for a total of 5 sets both hands.

Felt good to be able to manhandle my heaviest bell. I thought it would be heavier but considering my max loads with a barbell it was actually rather good weight for me. Haven't been jerking that much with one hand only. It's a totally different ball game right there. I feel it's very beneficial to work with single-arm activities as well. It definitely reveals if a person is stronger / weaker on other side. This session increased my confidence working with kettlebells over my head.

Tried some Kelly Starlett's mobility stuff yesterday evening and I definitely felt the improvement just like he and the other guy do in the video. Try it out!


  1. Got some pictures and video from yesterday!

  2. And I almost forgot I did another (strength) session in the afternoon with kb's.