Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday 5.8: Squats, hspu

Monday. Metcon of back squats and handstand push-ups. Time around 14min.

This week is not gonna be an easy evening stroll. It started with strong leg work and handstand push-ups. I'm gonna train without Toni 'cause he's enjoying some summer leave for the next two weeks and is going to train at Crossfit Vantaa at least the following few days.

Metcon. Time around 14min
  • 18 back squats, 80kg
  • 6 hspu
  • 15 back squats, 80kg
  • 6 hspu
  • 12 back squats, 80kg
  • 6 hspu
  • 9 back squats, 80kg
  • 6 hspu
  • 6 back squats, 80kg
  • 6 hspu

I've done this type of decreasing back squat metcons with something nice between those squat sets. I've tried pull-ups and snatches, today I decided to go for hspu's. I hit the very bottom on the squats, adjusted my stance to go as low as possible with the load on my back. I got through all squats unbroken, even though it was tough, especially on those 15 & 12 rep sets.

I've done this workout with pull-ups and that time I went for max reps between squats. I was thinking about it for a while for today as well but then realized I might get more reps if determining a fixed number of hspu's. I could have got more reps on the first set but from then on it would have been very difficult to get more than 6 reps. That confirmed fixing the figure at 6 reps was a better decision. This way I got 30 reps in total. For the 2 first sets I went unbroken, and from then on it was approximately 2 reps per attempt. Quite a number of singles were seen as well.

It was a good metcon up to 12 back squats. But because I had to break those hspu's breathing was no problem anymore, it was purely a strength deficit. Anyway, I like the workout style, a lot of squats with bodyweight barbell and a lot of bodyweight stuff between.


Toni was training today but I don't know yet what the affiliate came up with. Story tells there might have been some deadlifts.

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