Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday 20.8: Deadlifts and hspu

Tuesday. Skills, double unders. Deadlift singles (max PR 190kg). Metcon, 10 rounds of: 5 deads (140kg), 4 strict hspu. Time 14.49.

Tuesday was reserved for deadlifts. For some very strange reason deads have been rare in my training calendar in the summer. Luckily there's been some kettlebell swings to correct the shortage of them. I wanted to find out where my max load would be since the last time I tested that, dates back to May 10th. Singles were followed by heavy weight workout.

Pony's new training gear from Rogue =)

Skills. Double unders. Took 10 sets of 20 reps and focus was purely on keeping my torso straight and thus just simply jump higher so that the rope would have time to pass my feet twice on one jump. That's no problem but I've noticed my legs have bent too much lately on the doubles. That's the reason I'm gonna occasionally put effort on this skills movement, to perform the reps more efficiently and with more ease.

Strength. Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1 (140, 160, 170, 180, PR 190kg). Saw this Mark Rippetoe's video some days ago and decided instantly to make some room for deadlift training. Loved the easiness of how mr. Rippetoe instructs the athletes to stay in a perfect stance and form. Could you make it any more easier?

Well, I tried to go as instructed and started pulling. The barbell was light today… Took some longer sets with lighter weights to get myself properly warmed-up after the double unders. Then I started taking singles, starting from 140kg, added 20kg and then 10kg until I reached the figures I was looking for, a new PR of 190kg, boom baby!!!

Damned it felt good! It wasn't as heavy as I thought but I felt my form wasn't that beautiful anymore so I definitely didn't want to risk that for results too much so I stuck here. Gonna put more and more effort in my posterior chain to improve on my squats and deadlifts so that one day the day will come when I get the chance to post a personal record starting with number 2. Time will tell when that's going to be. As I was looking at the coming year in last New Year, I reckoned there's a chance to lift 190kg so I marked that as my goal for this year. That's achieved so everything on top of that is a plus.

Metcon. Time 14.49
  • 10 rounds of:
  • 5 deadlifts, 140kg
  • 4 strict handstand push-ups
Usually my metcons that include deadlifts are somewhere around 100-130kg. Todays metcon was different in nature. Didn't rush between the 2 movements 'cause they were both heavy for me. Total of 50 reps of 140kg deads and 40 strict handstand push-ups without kipping tend to take their toll on me. Today I got everything unbroken!

It was challenging with about 7.000kg deadlifts and without utilizing kipping style the hspu's started to feel heavier. Still, there was not doubt I would nail all those reps in both movements unbroken. I was happy with the amount of reps per round, that was exactly perfect for me. Had there been more of them per round, it would have been very very tough.

Toni's workouts. Result in metcon. 5 rounds + 13 push-ups

  • Skills. Rope climb, box jump and wall ball
  • Metcon. 15min amrap of: 15 push-ups, 15 box jumps, 15 wall balls (8kg)

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  1. That video is amazing. Watching that leads to personal records