Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday 11.8: Turkish get-ups, hero wod DT

Sunday. Technique / skills: Turkish get-ups. Modified hero workout DT with kettlebell. Time 8.10.

Those kettlebells that I've bought in the course of my crossfit career have definitely paid back in dividends. I recommend everyone to go get one (or a couple) and start moving some weight! Start with lighter ones and build up to heavier loads. I guess one could easily get in very good shape by working solely on kb's. Props to the guy who invented this piece of iron! I started today with turkish get-ups, an awesome all-body movement and a perfect way to get warmed-up for the main workout of the day: hero wod DT.

Turkish get-ups

  • Turkish get-ups
On a few occasions I've tried this movement. It's actually a very comprehensive move that forces the entire body to be active: legs, core, hand and shoulders. Plus it forces you to balance with your own body and the bell overhead. I have to keep the weights low at this stage as I'm not that familiar with the movement. Guess I did 6 reps both hands.

DT. Time 8.10
  • With one hand working at a time with a 32kg kettlebell
  • 6 rounds of:
  • 12 deadlifts
  • 9 hang cleans
  • 6 push jerks
Originally hero workout DT is 5 rounds, with 70kg barbell, same movements, same amount of reps. I did this one-handed each round. First round with right hand, second round with left hands. Then right, left, right and left. 3 rounds both hands, alternating after each round. Felt awesome after yesterday's kb presses so I dared to try them (and hang cleans) with this 2 pood bell, movements at a weight that had not seen the daylight before this weekend.

Hang clean

Round times remained solid. 2 rounds (working both hands) took me 2:45, 2:48 and 2:37. Was indeed able to finish stronger towards the end. I was afraid going too fast in he beginning because I didn't know how my shoulders would react to such a workload. Hang cleans and push jerks with this piece was a bit intimidating at start. It went on nicely though. Enjoyed this workout a lot. Have to try it with the original rx'd version with a barbell. Must be a lot tougher as I think about jerking a 70kg bar up there 30 times. Brings me some memories of the chunky Grace I did a while ago.

The weekend was a success. We spent it totally at the country side together with my loved one. Had the possibility to relax, workout together, go outdoors, eat some spectacular barbecue food and watch movies. Nothing more could I ask from a weekend!


  1. Nice workout! Have to do it with my new KB :)

  2. Yes, definitely go for it mister. And congrats on your first KB! Cherish it :)