Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday 15.2: Snatch, Intervals, Thrusters

Monday. Power snatch 5's (up to 58kg). Intervals, every 5:00: 20 cal row + 10 barbell reps. Cashout, 3x15 thrusters @ 40kg.

Evening session at the gym. Yesterday was a good snatch session so I kept going with that. Today was supposed to be a rest day due to schedules but luckily there was a time slot worth taking advantage of. Couple of intervals with rower and barbell, then finally some accessory work via thrusters.


  • Power snatch 5's (40, 50, 55, 57, 58, 50kg)

Damn, 5 power snatches at 58kg is definitely the heaviest I have ever done. Yeah, I know that sounds ridiculous as it's most guys' warm-up weight =) For me it's the real deal. These were touch'n'go reps all the way. More than I dared to hope for.


  • Every 5:00, for 20:00
  • 20 cal row + 10 power snatch @ 40kg
  • 20 cal row + 10 clean and jerk @ 40kg
  • 20 cal row + 10 thruster @ 40kg
  • 20 cal row + 10 squat clean thruster @ 40kg
This was a great combination. The weights were questionable on some parts. As my legs were burning from the rowing I felt like my technique was a bit off on the snatches and clean and jerks. Rowing pace was 1:36 on both of those times I looked on the screen.

So going pretty much full throttle on the rowing made the barbell movements exotic. On the snatches the weight was alright. Then on the c&j's it was a bit too light. On the other hand I felt like the last cleans were bouncing a bit off my thighs and I didn't have enough patience to pull it up to hips anymore. Shoulders felt good on those so the weight could have been maybe 50kg.

On the thrusters the weight felt surprisingly light. Thrusters are never light so this was kinda funny. Same with the last movement, squat clean thrusters. Don't get me wrong, I was wasted after each of these intervals because I rowed as fast I could and walked right to the barbell and didn't take any breaks. These just made me think if I could have had more weight on the bar.


  • 3x15 thrusters @ 40kg
Clock was quite late so instead of the intended 5x5 front squats I decided to finish the session with couple of thrusters. 15 reps, then short break between and repeat for a total of 3 sets. Shoulders got fired up good time. Legs were fine all the way.

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