Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday 7.2: Emom Kb's, Box overs, Ghd's

Sunday. Emom x 36. 1st, 15 kb swing (24kg). 2nd, 15 box jump overs. 3rd, 15 ghd's.

Quality time with my wife. Crossfit at the gym. Nothing more needed from my perspective.


  • Every minute on the minute x 36 minutes
  • 1st min, 15 kettlebell swing, 24kg
  • 2nd min, 15 box jump overs
  • 3rd, 15 ghd sti-ups
This was a great workout for basic conditioning. Longer metcon where breathing stayed under control pretty well. I prefer this kind of action to steady pace by for example running or rowing.

I had thought about swinging a 2-pood bell but for some reason there wasn't one available so I took the heaviest I found which was 1.5 pood bell (24kg). The weight wasn't very heavy at any point of the workout but time did its trick during the 36 minutes and it started to take its toll. Maybe it was more mental as my shoulder, core and posterior chain took it well. Breathing got heavier towards the end but it was manageable anyway.

Box jump overs are a cool way to get box jumps done in a bit different way. Had 2-3 of stumbles there due to lack of concentration. But only one no-rep though. Those are unforgivable so I repeated that one.

Ghd's were fine all the way. It's cool as I think about the volume of all movements here. There were 180 reps of each element. For ghd's it's probably the biggest volume I've ever done. Core took it well throughout but let's see how it's like tomorrow =)


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