Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday 23.2: Jerks, Row/Burpee intervals

Wednesday. Jerk btn, 7x3 @ 80kg. Intervals, every 3:00: 250m row + 8 burpees.

Long day at work. Luckily there was a slot to put time in at the gym. Overhead strength and interval conditioning. Especially that last piece was miserable as it was 100% effort on the sprints.


  • Behind the neck jerk triples, 7x3 @ 80kg
Piled up some jerk blocks and worked on my overhead strength and technique. I guess jerking the bar from behind the neck is advantageous as the bar travels right up vertically and that might allow heavier weights on straight hands.

Putting the blocks together at the weightlifting platform was a good warm-up. This movement is very strange for me until today. First sets felt awkward but towards the end sets got better technically.

  • Every 3:00, for 24 minutes:
  • 250m row + 8 burpees, all in effort

This really was a grueling piece of interval sprints. Rowing was as fast as possible. For me that meant 1:30 - 1:33 throughout the 8 sets of rowing. Right after 250 meters of rowing it was time to throw chest to floor and get after those burpees.

It took me about 70 seconds to finish one interval. That's the reason why one set started every 3 minutes. That made it something like 1:1 work:rest ratio. Okay, a bit more rest. In the end that felt like it could definitely be less. By mid-workout it started to feel a lot shorter. First two intervals I went with damper setting, next two sets with 9, and the latter half of the wod with 10. This wasn't the first time doing row / burpee intervals, these work perfectly every time!

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