Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday 1.2: Safety bar squats

Monday. Safety bar squats 8x5 @ 122kg.

Had to go to the doctor today as I don't have any more patience with the right wrist. I'm missing cleans and front squats too much to just wait for it to recover. The doc stuck a needle in there and sucked some stuff away to get the bump settled down. I got to take it easy for a while with the wrist so it was only natural to squat today.


  • Safety bar back squats 8x5 @ 122kg

Don't know if you guys are familiar with this barbell. The form is definitely different than a regular barbell. Rogue has created bar that is shaped in another format. And the big thing is the collar of the bar. That allows to keep wrists in straight angle and torso in a very upright position, thus at least theoretically create most of the pressure on the legs. And due to this reason maybe allow people to load more weight on this bar than a regular barbell.

The bar itself weighs 31.7kg so I had a notch over 120kg on the sets. For me this felt a bit odd as it was the first time doing this type of squats. It put more pressure on the core in my opinion. Not sure though but that's how it felt. I'll have to take another test run at this little thing later this week.

I'm happy I was able to squat today. And that they have this bar at OPC. What a great gym indeed. Luckily there was a coach available to give some tips on this one too.

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