Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday 29.2: Clean and Jerks, Squats, Run, Snatch

Monday. Unbroken sets of clean and jerks 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 @ 60kg. Front squats 7x3 @ 110kg. Wod, 6min amrap of 10m shuttle run and db snatches @ 30kg.

It was great to get some barbell cycling completed in the form of clean and jerks. Then squats after a small break on them. The last piece was stolen from, that is Ben Bergeron's site.

Barbell cycling.
  • Unbroken sets 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
  • Clean and jerks @ 60kg
  • Rest as needed between sets
This was fun. Having the skills to cycle a barbell are advantageous in this sport. Longer sets are a bit more gnarly but definitely useful. The point was to go unbroken on each set, and maintain good form no matter how many reps needed to be completed.

I believe I succeeded in this regard pretty well. Some reps were a bit off but the majority of them were okay. The more tired I got the bar tended to stay lower on the thighs. It landed nicely on the front rack each time. I walked around the gym for a while between sets. This was not a timed workout, and I didn't have the clock running at all on this one. The last four sets I took with basically just minimized rest periods.

  • Every 3:00, for 21min
  • Front squat triples @ 110kg
It was great to get some squats done finally! Okay, the weight wasn't huge but after a break this was just on the spot. Got to put more effort on going below parallel in the near future. Hopefully my back allows it. At least today it was alright. Focus on these was to keep the torso as upright as possible and finish the triples with only one inhale on top of each rep.

Metcon. Result, 14 shuttle runs
  • 6min amrap
  • 2-2, 4-4, 6-6… of:
  • 10m shuttle run
  • Dumbbell snatches @ 30kg
This was something different as there isn't much possibilities to run at the gym. We don't have straight access outdoors so it's out of question to go run in the streets. Luckily this workout caught my attention in Bergeron's site so I had to take it right away. I ran back and forth a 10 meter distance at the grass matt.

First round was once back and forth, then doubling it on the next round and so forth. Same with the dumbbell snatches. Starting with 2 reps (1 each hand), then 4 reps, alternating hands after each rep. Snatches were the tougher part of this workout. I went unbroken on the snatches, no pauses at any point of the wod. Plus I grabbed the dumbbell right after finishing every shuttle run. So there was simply no rest period at any stage of the workout. After the wod, I realized I could have ran faster in the beginning. This was an efficient wod. Definitely worth running inside for shuttle runs.

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