Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday 23.2: Cleans, Thrusters, Row

Tuesday. Emom x 8min: 3 hang squat clean @ 80kg. E2mom x 20min: 7 thrusters @ 60kg. Cashout, 5rds of: 1min row, 1min bike.

We had a loooong day yesterday with Pauliina running errands so there was no time for a workout session. I took it back today with barbell work. Maybe that made good as my upper body and legs felt like hammered and my palms got some time to recover those rips from Saturday. Today all these were better.

Today's plans in advance

  • Every minute on the minute x 8min
  • 3 hang squat clean @ 80kg
This was fun. Cleans from hang position for a triple. These felt smooth all the way. And what is important for me is that they look alike. Not much variance between reps in technical sense. I'd like to see the bar brush my hips a notch higher but other than that it's okay stuff.

  • Every 2:00 x 20min
  • 7 thrusters @ 60kg
Damned that shoulder burn! Had to mobilize my shoulders, lats and triceps more after the cleans in order to get comfortable in the front rack position in the squat. Usually when I front squat I hold the bar with just my fingers so it's not that big of an issue. But on the thrusters I have a firm grip with the entire hand / palm so that requires a lot more mobility.

These were supposed to be touch'n'go sets all the way. And I got through them even though the last rounds were a nightmare. At times I thought about cutting it to 5-6 reps. Luckily I didn't and pushed through. Mental win. It just felt so miserable in my shoulders after some point.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 1min row
  • 1min bike
Hopped on the rower and started pulling. Pace was somewhere around 1:45-1:48 per 500m. This wasn't an emom style session. Instead, I timed it for 60 seconds on rower first, then jumped on the bike and cycled for another 60 seconds. So there was actual work time of 10 minutes, and the actual piece took thus a bit more due to the transitions. Again, this is something I can see myself doing for a longer time. Last time it was just a short one, today I had time for a bit more. This could easily be a very long wod too.

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