Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday 8.2: Clean pulls, Back squat

Monday. Clean pull triples (up to 120kg). Every 90sec: 3 back squat (up to 140kg).

Happy day! After having this nagging pain in the wrist it finally seems it's getting somewhat better. My forearm is still feeling kinda weird but the gain is that I can bend my wrist already. That allowed me to go for back squats. Felt super about it!

Always interesting to see documents of Dan Bailey, even though it dates back 2 years ago


  • Clean pulls (5x80, 90, 3x100, 110, 120, 120, 120kg)

This was a lot of fun. Got a chance to get heavier clean-style action in the books. It was hard for me not to take it all the way to front rack as my hands finally felt like they could take it. But I decided to take this one smart. Triples after 100kg.


  • Every 90sec: 3 back squats (up to 140kg)
Feels like it's been an eternity since doing heavy squats last time. It probably hasn't and I have done pretty much lower body the past two weeks but heavy squats are always heavy squats. It was freaking awesome. It was pretty cool to go touch'n'go up to 125kg easily. Then tng @ 130kg for a double, then short pause on top before the final rep.

At 135kg the last two ones were rather tight, at least felt like it. Still, the first rep at 140kg was quite easy, second a good battle and on the third one I rushed it a bit and my spotter assisted me a little on the last rep.

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