Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday 3.4: Mu's and Rope

Friday. Skills day, muscle-ups 5x3 and rope climb, 5 reps.

Huh how cool is it to hang from a branch tree and improve my fitness. The answer is freaking awesome! It was a skill day all the way.

Started with muscle-ups and they rolled very well. I did five sets of three unbroken muscle-ups on the rings. This is the best performance I've ever done on the rings. I just jumped up there and took the first set to get used to them. Without any warm-up. Felt good so I decided to aim for same reps on the second set. Succeeded. From here on I just tried to hang on for those triples for couple of sets.

Recap of mu's and rope

Got a total of 15 reps. I'm extremely happy over this! And it was great to have Kari encourage and coach me with my feet work. It really helped, no doubt! Was able to keep my feet better together, especially towards the end. I'll put some stuff in here later on. Now I don't have acceess to right equipment.

This was the third time I got to play with my rope and the first time on this tree. It was placed at around 5m which was just about perfect. Took a total of 5 reps. One "double", the rest were singles. This was somehow easier than before. This element is not easy by any means, don't get me wrong. It gets to the entire body. Mostly upper body and breathing. Great day!

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