Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday 19.4: Nasty Girls, Row

Sunday. Benchmark workout 'Nasty Girls', 3rds of: 50 squat, 7 mu's, 10 hang power clean (60kg). Time, 13.45. Cool down, 10min easy row.

What a day! This is something I'm very proud of. Having good surroundings, perfect training facilities result in progress. That seems to be inevitable. There was a time when I felt intimidated when I saw rings hanging from the ceiling. Never knew if I'm gonna be able to make a muscle-up or not. Depending on the day. Not anymore. That is in the past. Today's workout was Nasty Girls.

Nasty Girls. Time, 13.45
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 50 air squat
  • 7 ring muscle-ups
  • 10 hang power clean, 60kg
The only ring muscle-up related workout I have ever done is Nate. That has been done twice but the first one was with false grip mu's and they probably wouldn't count as reps in a competition with arms bent in the bottom position. It's been a while since I've done false grip mu's and I'm not gonna go back there. That is not the path for me to link muscle-ups together.

Earlier this workout has been very tempting but thinking about the reality of my skills I haven't dared to go after this one. I have thought that once I can complete Nasty Girls and Amanda benchmark workouts rx'd, there is nothing I dream of as a crossfitter. Or let's say I have accomplished everything I have wanted to accomplish. Of course hunger grows on the course of training but these milestones are big time news for me.

So it was air squats to get some burn in hamstrings and quads, then muscle-ups, and the third element was hang power cleans @ 60kg. I did squats unbroken. It was a bit surprising they didn't get to me that bad. I was prepared for a good burn and 2-3 sets to finish it. Noup, this was one set and felt good. Of course it felt in my legs but it was tolerable.


Muscle-ups were absolutely the thing in this workout and the one where I can squeeze some time away the next time I do this because it's all about efficiency on the mu's. My max set is 5 reps so it was obvious I'm not going unbroken on these, yet. It was 3-2-2 on the first set. Second and third set were similar: 2-2-1-1-1. I'm very proud of how I got these through. It's a different thing to do doubles and triples when fresh compared to when doing them in the middle of a metcon.

Cleans were only 60kg so that can not be considered heavy by any means. I rationalized cleans are not gonna be the difference maker so what would I gain by doing them unbroken. That's the reason why they were 6-4 in the first two rounds, and the last one was an easy unbroken set of 10 reps. Didn't want to burn my body by ego-ing them in one set in the first 2 rounds. It's hard to describe how happy I was by completing this workout. Huge thing for me. Amanda is most likely going to be next muscle-up benchmark workout. Maybe not rx'd but a lighter one.

Cool down.
  • Row for 10 minutes / 2.500 meters
This was easy pace rowing for some time after Nasty Girls. Purpose was more like to flush the legs. Damper setting was at 8 in the beginning but pretty soon I put it at 5 which is very low for me normally. I just wanted to row easily for a while without thinking anything, just recovering.

Cool down

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