Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday 21.4: Thrusters, Row + Recovery walk

Tuesday. Thrusters 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (max 75kg). Death by row calories. Result, 21 rds + 20 cal. Evening: 8km recovery walk.

Schedules had their impact on today's workouts so I had to improvise a bit. Had something else in mind but this turned out to be a great training session too! Thrusters for strength and brutal rowing workout for metabolic conditioning. Afterwards we went to walk around Töölönlahti with Pauliina in a great weather. Okay, it's not as sunny as in California but this is good considering we're in Finland =) Spring is obviously coming and there are lots of signs of it in the nature. Great time of the year!

Those gains!

  • Thrusters 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (60, 65, 70, 72.5, 75, 75, 75kg)
  • Barbell taken from rack
Got this idea from crossfit.com where I saw that probably yesterday. Semi-heavy thrusters have been in my mind lately for some reason so that was the last sign to seal the deal. If I had to move to a deserted island and there would be only one movement I was able to do there, it would be thrusters. At least it has been =) I would also like to take my rings there and squats would be awesome. Okay, maybe it's too difficult of a question for me to answer.

Couple of mallards chilling

Weights today on this movement weren't that heavy. This is light weight for squat but usually my shoulders start to whine at some point that it's getting heavy. Now that wasn't the case, shoulders felt fine all the way in every single set. For some reason my elbows didn't like these that much, felt a little nagging pain in both of them so I stayed moderate with the loads. This was a good reminder of going heavier with thrusters too every now and then. Somehow hero workout Seven just came to my mind right now. Better put that one on the list! There you have 60kg thrusters.

Thrusters, 3x72.5kg

Metcon. Result, 251 calories (21 rounds + 20 calories)
  • Death by row calories
If you want to have mind blowing metcons there are 3 perfect sites for that. Pat Sherwood shares his affiliates - Crossfit Linchpin - workouts on Instagram on a daily basis. Second one is Crossfit Mayhem, owned by the one and only Rich Froning Jr. Third one is competitorstraining.com, hosted by Ben Bergeron. All 3 sites are awesome. It doesn't matter which workout you steal from these gentlemen, it's gonna be a tough mental battle, and every single wod will make you suffer. 100% guarantee.

This was Pat's creation. Actually this was only part of it. It was supposed to be death by db cleans right after death by row. Luckily I got a txt message that I need to go. Saved by the bell! Had time to do that sequence for only the first minute.

Rasmus Andersen was 6th in the CF Open

"Death by" refers to a workout method where you complete 1 rep on the first minute, 2 reps on the second minute, 3 reps on the third minute and so on, until you can not complete the required repetitions in the time window you are given, which is one minute. So the amount of work gets bigger every minute thus leaving you less time to recover. That is an equation that will kill you at some point and you have to stop because the time ran out.

It always feels light in the beginning and this especially was extremely light. Think about it, 1-5 calories is nothing, it is pretty much as many strokes as calories. At least in my case it was. I had the damper setting at 10 all the time. It took some time for the workout to really begin. Somewhere around hmm maybe 13 calories I noticed I'm breathing heavier. Not quite sure at what point this turned nasty but I'm telling you that at some point in the last minutes it was very disgusting. It got very mental. I hoped to finish the round of 20 cals but got all the way to almost 22 calories. Missed 2 calories from getting that round full too.

  • Walk 8 kilometers
In the evening we went for a low intensity walk. Just enjoying the spring and nature. Weather was warm and birds were singing. Quality time in my perspective. It was cool to witness people were doing sports in the park like it was summer already. They were doing at least air squats, push-ups and lunges, good job people!

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