Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday 28.4: Snatch, Clean

Tuesday. Snatch technique. Cleans.

Today was booked entirely for snatches. Focus was on getting the mechanics back to basics, working on good mobility and range of motion. It's been about ten days since last snatch session but it feels like an eternity. Lots of other training has taken place in between. After doing some snatches I took couple of cleans and finally realized I'm having some sort of workout going on. It came out of blue.

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  • Snatches from different positions (high hang, hang, floor)
  • Weights 30-50kg

Yesterday I took a few squat snatches with empty barbell and it felt great so I decided to change today's plans and hit snatches. Unfortunately it wasn't the best of snatch days but I'll take it with pleasure anyway. Snatches were taken from three different positions. High hang or pocket snatches, however you wanna call it. Then also hang snatches from mid-thigh and some snatches from floor also. But mostly from different hang positions.

I didn't make any notes about how many reps I took from different positions but it was 30, 40 and 50kg loads. That means to say it was light weight. At times it felt good and sometimes timing was off. The biggest problem was that the bar stayed too much in front which didn't allow perfect bar path on my way down. On the positive side I got below parallel on the majority of the reps. Couple of power snatches were included though.



  • 30 squat clean (10x70, 10x80, 10x90kg)

After snatches were done I took some reps at 50 kilos, and maybe 60, don't quite remember. Then I started taking doubles @ 70kg. After taking couple of them I decided to add the stakes. Complete 30 reps of squat cleans in doubles. First 10 reps at 70kg, next 10 reps at 80kg, and final 10 reps at 90kg. Didn't time this but I moved with a purpose.

I freaking love cleans. The heavier the better. Felt great.


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