Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday 14.4: Clean emom, Thrusters, Ghd

Tuesday. Clean and jerk 1+3 (up to 70kg). Every 30 sec for 10min: 1 power clean @ 90kg. Metcon, 10 rds of: 10 thrusters (40kg), 10 ghd sit-ups. Time, 14.30.

This Tuesday was booked pretty much for clean and jerk action. My hands were a bit ripped so I had my doubts but was anyway eager to hit it. Hands caused no prob but during the warm-up my left calf started giving me trouble. Don't know why but all of a sudden it went cramping without any reason. Same happened yesterday evening with my quads. I guess that sled pull / push has its effect =)


  • 1 clean + 3 jerk (40, 50, 60, 70kg)

This felt very good until this point. Bar was light and technique was about there but I simply had to stop it because my left leg didn't tolerate this stuff. Squat cleans put too much pressure there too so that was out of question. Shoulders were fine with these jerks and I really wanted to go after heavier weights.

My grip was a bit wider on cleans as well as on the jerks. This is the current trend. Thus, I'm able to get the bar higher on my thighs before the last pull, and then again my shoulders like it more on the jerks too.


  • Every 30 seconds for 10 min (20 reps total):
  • 1 power clean @ 90kg

This had to be called on the spot because I wanted some heavier barbell action. I would have preferred squat cleans but this was great too! This weight is decent stuff for me. Wanted it to be challenging so I took a single every 30 seconds. This got spicy towards the end. No problems in any of the lifts but they still got clearly heavier in the last 3 minutes.

Got to say this place is awesome with weightlifting platforms. I can concentrate in lifting and not worrying about how to bring it back down. Just do the work. It's obviously beneficial in having the skills to bring the barbell back to front rack, and I've done that a lot in the past. Practically for about 3 years now so that's no biggie. I feel comfortable in doing that.

Metcon. Time, 14.30

  • 10 rounds of:
  • 10 thrusters, 40kg
  • 10 ghd sit-ups

The goal for today was to get my shoulders strong. And I wanted them to suffer. As jerks didn't seem to work this time because there's a lot of explosive movement when legs hit the floor so thrusters were the key to this solution. This came like a lightning from the sky. Thrusters and ghd's. Not bad I must admit.

Weight on the thrusters was modest at 40kg and 10 reps at a time was something that I was able to push through unbroken. Then walk right to ghd's and complete those 10 reps just about immediately. Once the core element was completed, I walked back to the bar, grabbed it and did the work.

This formula stayed the same for all 10 rounds. Only at rounds 5 and 8 I took a sip of water before laying my hands on the barbell for next round. This was mentally pretty well played in my opinion. It felt bad after the middle point but I chose to ignore that. Round times were solid, 1:20 something all the time. I'm happy on the training day even though clean and jerks were out of question. This was a good substitute for sure!


  1. Moi, oletko vaihtanut boxia?

  2. Jees, olen pari viikkoa vetänyt toisessa mestassa. Kyllä varmaan myös vanhassa paikassa tulee veivattua välillä. -Don