Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday 1.4: Run, Pull-up complex + Row, Press, Push-ups

Wednesday. AM: Run 8km and pull-up complexes (about 70 reps). PM: Metcon, 7rds of: 500m row, 10 push press (40kg), 20 hr push-ups. Time, 28min. Mobility

Damned those yesterday's training sessions hurt in my body as I woke up. Body was fatigued all over the place. Felt like I was hit by a truck. My answer to this was to sleep, eat big time, watch a movie and consider what's my next move. I packed my gear and walked to a nearby gym. Waited there for some time for the clerk to come. He/She didn't come and I felt like I'm done. Snatches weren't that tempting anymore so I left the place and decided to go for an easy run. In the afternoon there was anyway going to be another training session.

Run and pull-up complex.

  • 8km run
  • Bar muscle-ups
  • Complexes of pull-up + chest-to-bar + muscle-up
  • To the end, 5 sets of: 5 pull-ups + 5 chest-to-bars

I had no idea where I would go but taped my thumbs just in case and took gloves in case I happened to find a pull-up bar. Surprise surprise, I found one… Neither had I an estimate of how far I had traveled but luckily Google Maps tells the truth. It was a total of 8 kilometers of running. This was definitely more like a recovery run. At times I stopped to take some photos and enjoy the scenery.

The weather wasn't very summery and the air was cool and windy but it made for a good running weather. Easy to breath and temperature was good. Töölönlahti's water was freezing, hrrrr. Before I went running that traditional loop I stopped by at a pull-up bar that I spent some time last summer.

Basically my goal was just to have fun and play around. Took some bar muscle-ups only because I love the movement. Then a complex consisting of pull-ups, c2b's and finally a mucsle-up. That combination seemed a bit challenging. Maybe not because of strength but because of the rhythm. After practicing it, I found myself on top of the pull-up bar but at first it felt awkward to pull for mu right after c2b.

Bar muscle-ups

After fooling around for some time, the grande finale was to do 5 sets of 10 pull-ups, 5 regular ones, going right into 5 c2b pull-ups. This was a good combo for sure. I could have continued this pattern with these breaks for maybe 2-3 more sets unbroken. Or then more, don't know but the first ones were easy but 4th and 5th set were a bit tougher.

Pull-up complex

What I realized from the videos is that my regular pull-ups seem to go rather high and c2b's accordingly. It looks like my ribs are touching the bar. Well that's not a bad thing at all.

Pull-ups + C2b's

After taking my time on the pull-up bar, I continued to adventure my path around Helsinki. Had to do some foam rolling after getting home. Those quads really needed that treatment.

Metcon. Time, 28min

  • 7 rounds of:
  • 500m row
  • 10 push press, 40kg
  • 20 hand release push-ups

Afternoon's training session was also a lighter one. Didn't feel like going 100% today. There had to be rowing. That was not open for discussion. The rest I decided on the spot. Rowing and pressing. Push presses (or shoulder presses in the beginning) were the easiest part of this workout. My rowing pace was around a steady 1.52 / 500m.

Rowing was okay, easy in the beginning. Still, I decided to keep it at this pace as this was not supposed to be 180 heart rate all the time. More like a moderate workload from the beginning to the end. Towards the end the concept2 started to feel a bit more uncomfortable.

Push press work wasn't that bad. The loading was light so it caused no problems, especially in the beginning. However, doing push-ups right after pressing barbell probably had its own flavor. These push-ups were hand release versions to make them suck a little more than normal ones.

After having done the metcon I took my time to do mobility. Hopefully my body thanks for that tomorrow. I've been sleeping much more than normally and that is a prerequisite for me to train twice a day. Loving every second of this holiday thing =)

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