Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday 12.4: Nate

Sunday. Hero workout Nate, 20min amrap of: 2 mu, 4 hspu, 8 kb swing (32kg). Result, 170 reps (PR).

This training day was perfect. No doubt. Nate's been in my thoughts for quite some time since I've been working on muscle-ups and it was posted on two different sites in the near past. So it was only right to do this one after all this practice. I did muscle-ups at this new gym earlier this week but both of my triceps are bruised up, they're really blue right now, because the locks were not adjustable and scratched my arms a lot. Today they had changed the rings to wooden ones with adjustable locks. Worked great.

Nate. Result, 170 reps (12 rounds + 2 mu's). Compare to 13.4.2014

  • 20min amrap of:
  • 2 ring muscle-ups
  • 4 handstand push-ups
  • 8 kettlebell swings, 32kg

At first I got to say that these "natural grips" are awesome. My hands tend to tear up pretty easily and they were already torn in different parts of fingers and palms. So I was a little worried how they would handle the workout. I taped up properly and put on natural grips to save hands. Only got one more tear in my left palm due to this =) Fortunately I have beeswax to take care of these hands. That is some miracle wax I'm telling you. It has taken hand protection to next level as a crossfitter. An absolute must!

Back to the workout. So it was 2 muscle-ups, 4 hspu's and 8 swings with a 2-pood bell. Looking at it on paper with my eyes thinking about my own body, it's obvious that this one is about the muscle-ups and how much pain can be tolerated. Handstand push-ups shouldn't be an issue because of just 4 reps per round. Also 8 swings doesn't sound that bad. But it's a mystery how my body accepts the fact there is a double mu quite often.

Hspu's were the easiest part of this workout. It had a nasty twist because it was just part of this triplet. Each element in this wod was a bit tougher than they normally are. Got these unbroken anyway without issues.

It's been a while since swinging a bell. This frightened me a bit when I thought about mixing it with muscle-ups and hspu's. It wasn't a surprise this is going to be taxing for shoulders in general as they didn't get much rest in any of the elements. My strategy was to do muscle-ups, then pretty quickly jump on to hspu's, and after a short break put my hands on the kettlebell and complete those 8 demanded repetitions. Then it was time to breath, mark the round up on my timer and take a sip of water if needed and chalk up before getting back on the rings.

But those muscle-ups. They were freaking awesome! The fact that I've been practicing them much more this year and also that I have found a way to practice them in places where I can hang my own rings high enough has helped tremendously. Since I bought my Rogue Rings at home, I've had a chance to look for places like tree branches and stairways under which I can perform muscle-ups. This has been "the thing" for me. At my normal gym the rings are too low and I have to keep my legs bent which means to say I can not utilize the tension in my body.

This is 8th round

On Friday I tried mu's at this new place and they were the easiest I have ever done. So my confidence was high entering the gym. And it stayed high throughout the workout. I just took one double before the workout and hit it. And went unbroken each god damn set during those 20 minutes! That was sick. Total of 13 doubles (plus that one warm-up set) equals to 28 muscle-ups in one training session. Couldn't be any happier!

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