Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday 13.4: Squats, Sled

Monday. Back squat 10x3 (120-123kg). Sled push / pull, 20m every 2:00, for 20min.

Today was reserved for building stronger legs. First up back squats, quite a number of sets of triples. Then a newcomer in my training. Sled pull / Sled push. That was cool and was definitely a good leg burner. I went back to work today after spending 2 weeks on a holiday. It was a weird feeling, the past weeks felt like a month as I was able to have a great day rhythm. Waking up, training, eaten, sleeping, training more and spending quality time with my family. Now it's gonna be a different style of rhythm.


  • Back squat 10x3 (120, 120, 120, 120, 123, 123, 123, 123, 123, 123kg)

Don't know why but it feels like I haven't squatted much lately. As I scroll back my blog it looks like there's been squatting quite frequently. On Saturday morning I put down on my calendar that there must be lots of squats this Monday. So I stuck with that plan and took 10 sets of triples.

It felt heavier than they ought to be. And also felt tougher than they looked like on video. First sets were at 120kg, and after 4 sets I climbed up to 123kg. This was kind of a bitch version of me. Should have not listened to my brain and gone heavier. The weights came up decently anyway. Squats usually feel heavy at some point but once you just add weights they still come up.

Recap of squats


  • Every 2:00, perform 20m of:
  • Sled push, 110kg (for first 5 rounds)
  • Sled pull, 110kg (for last 5 rounds)

This was great! Haven't done this stuff previously. Just once I've pushed this sled from one end to the other but as a training method it has not been there. In Klaukkala we have built up a sled on our own with Kari and that works perfectly during the summer time. There's a chance to pull that sled for 50-100m in length at once, and the loading is lighter, somewhere around 30-60kg. It's different style of stimulus. Usually it's running and the distance is longer.

Here the max distance is 20 meters so the loading must be a lot heavier. This was the first time so it's still an experiment. Soon I'll find out what a good loading is for me to different purposes. For this kind of speed action this weight was okay. I had 110kg plus the sled itself. For the first 5 x 20 meters I pushed the sled as in the video. There are also straps that you can hold to and pull the sled. This was kind of interval work so that I pushed / pulled the sled for 20 meters, then recovered, and repeated one length of the grass every 2 minutes.

Sled push, 110kg

Load could have been heavier. Especially in the beginning it felt a little too light. Towards the end it burned my legs pretty good. Especially after the sprint was over. It was worst something like 3-5 seconds after each interval. This could be a real strength portion too. Putting a big load on, and pushing it with as much as I have in the tank. Then it would probably be more like walk instead of running.

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