Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday 26.4: Skills and recovery

Sunday. Skills, ring muscle-ups. Skills, 5 rds of: 50 du's, 20 ghd sit-ups. Recovery, 3rds of: 300m row, 10 high box jumps.

Decided to play it safe and easy this Sunday. Last day of the week is pretty much an easier one anyway in my programming so this day was just as perfect as it could have been. Plus, this was somehow remarkable day too in a sense that I got a good friend of mine - Jasper - to start training here with me. New location for both of us, and since it's quite close to his place it was a good deal to start hanging here more often together.


  • 4 sets of ring muscle-ups
  • Result, 5+3+3+2 reps

I'm telling you that sandpaper I bought yesterday has made miracles. My hands have probably been this soft last time in year 1983. This is a no brainer if you're thinking about buying one. Just do it. Don't think it at all. For a crossfitter, hands seem to bring a lot of problems in the form of rips and tears. I'v had my share of them and have now taken a big step further in hand maintenance.

It was actually rather strange feeling when I jumped on the rings as I didn't feel those calluses at all. It was so soft that I actually felt it when holding on to the rings. Same will probably happen when having hands on a barbell. Looking forward to heavy pulls because it has always been kind of an issue as it hurts a lot in those calluses.

Felt good all the way on the muscle-ups. I felt smooth and efficient, comparing to my reps some weeks ago. It's great that my feet stay together nowadays, and I'm able to use hips much more than before. I still had some issues with my elbows today - especially the right one - so I kept the volume low in purpose.

First set was a shared PR of 5 reps. This was the second time hitting that number. Last time it was more of a battle. This time I didn't go further than that. On the second set I looked for 4 reps but got a miss on the last one. Then a tripled and a double.


  • 5 rounds not for time of:
  • 50 double unders
  • 20 ghd sit-ups

Totally a skills oriented workout. It's been some time since doing double unders. I think I've done those only once this month so it was about time. It wasn't as smooth as I had in my mind but still okay. Towards the end it got easier. It was easy to see this element has ben neglected lately.

On the ghd sit-ups I just focused to having a good flow and rhythm, tng reps without stopping at any point. Looking for that efficiency. It wasn't that challenging on the core. Originally I thought this movement would be a core killer but I have felt like at home every time I've been on it.


  • 3 rounds of:
  • 300m easy row
  • 10 high box jumps, 70cm

This was as low intensity stuff as the previous parts of the training session. Row was easy pace, didn't even look at the pace or think about it, just kept moving and flushed my legs with it. Box jumps are a regular in my training but high box jumps are much more rare so I figured it would be good to practice them.

I don't know how people usually do these but at the moment it feels like it's better to do them in singles. Rebounding right away back to the top seems awkward. Maybe when getting used to this that might be the case but it feels right to jump down, reset and jump right back. Anyway, this was a good chill training day in good company!

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