Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday 22.4: C&J, Front squat, Burpee mu's

Wednesday. Technique, clean and jerk 1+3 (max 80kg). Strength, 4x4 @ 110kg. Metcon, 20 burpee mu's. Time 8.00

This was the first time I took advantage of the coach's eye at the gym. Just realized there's a guy ready to give you tips if you're in need of one. Not bad. I asked for his opinion on clean and jerk. Then some leg strength, and finally something I'm proud of: burpee muscle-ups for time.

  • Clean and jerk complex (1+3 reps)
  • 60, 70, 75, 80kg
Okay, I would have liked to go heavier too. For some unknown reason my elbows sometimes get sore on jerks. Cleans are always okay but jerks bring some pain in my elbows. Anyway, cleans felt great today, no doubt. And it felt like technique was pretty good.

On the jerks the coach videotaped the lifts on his camera, and used some application to indicate the bar path clearly. It showed the bar path goes directly upwards vertically. After the jerk has been done I tend to push the bar a little more back for some reason. Weights remained light for this session.


  • Front squat 4x4, across (110kg)
I also got some tips for this portion. Took 4 sets of 4 reps at the same load, 110kg is not tremendously heavy but still something that needs concentration. Rest was quite short between sets. Coach noticed I' not activating my butt cheeks enough on front squat. And that is definitely true, I'm not gonna argue with that one. Same thing happens with back squat. So I guess it's safe to say my squats are more quad dominant. I tried to address this issue by slowing down the part where I go down, and then push the hips further on my way up. Felt like the tips helped already on this first time.


Metcon. Time, 8.00
  • 20 burpee muscle-ups on rings
Another big milestone reached with rings. Some sort of benchmark workout is 30 burpee muscle-ups, and I'm gonna do that one day. At this point 30 reps of muscle-ups is a number I have not yet completed in one training session. It's coming though. This month has been a triumphant of muscle-up development for me.

There's been incredible results seen on this movement, on both bar and ring versions. And I'm definitely taking the joy out of every workout I'm able to hit. Gonna make it rain when I have the possibility. This took me exactly 8 minutes of time. My plan was to take these in sets of 3 reps, then walk out to get more chalk in my hands before taking another set of 3 reps. This continued up to 18 reps, then a double of course. I didn't rush at any point because I had no idea how my body would feel like after doing this movement combo. Felt good in the end!

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