Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday 25.4: Seven'ish

Saturday. Metcon, 5rds of: 7 hspu, 7 thrusters (40kg), 7 k2e, 7 deadlift (110kg), 7 burpee, 7 kb swing (32kg), 7 pull-ups. Time, 19.30

This training day wasn't one of the best. There's not much to be told to the future. I felt tired after being at work yesterday evening and today for the entire day. Okay, that's normal to a lot of people but that messed up my routines. I tend to workout quite a lot so these kind of things have effect. How the body gets a chance to recover, sleep and eat.

Metcon. Time, 19.30

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 7 handstand push-ups
  • 7 thrusters, 40kg
  • 7 knees-to-elbows
  • 7 deadlift, 110kg
  • 7 burpee
  • 7 kettlebell swing, 32kg
  • 7 pull-ups

This was a version of a hero workout Seven. Awesome workout to say the least. But as much awesomely wrong choice for today. Body was simply not receptive of this one. Hspu's were probably the easiest part of the entire workout.

I had 40, 50 and 60kg barbells for thrusters in the warm-up and each of them hurt in my elbows. Decided to drop it down to 40kg so that would not become an issue. It was okay, not good but doable. K2e's felt very easy after doing t2b's and ghd sit-ups much more lately. Don't even remember when k2e's were in my metcons last time.

It was surprising how tough the deadlift felt. My back was taking the hit big time. Even though form remained solid all the way. It was just not my day of training. Burpees, kb swings and pull-ups all felt a bit more tiring than normally.


Afterwards I felt a bit disappointed I didn't just go to a recovery walk with my baby as she suggested. Luckily she was still up for the challenge so I drove home, and we went to a walk in the woods late in the evening, and my mood got much better immediately. Just needed some relaxing time outdoors in the best company ever.

Earlier today I bought sandpaper for hand maintenance purposes. Got to say that has most likely been the wisest decision ever. That plus beeswax. These hands have never looked better. No more calluses, no more ripped hands please!

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