Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday 14.12: Press, Squat, Lunges

Monday. Push press 4x8 @ 65kg. Front squat emom (up to 135kg). Emom x 10min: 10 reverse lunges (50kg).

This overhead strength thing is getting interesting. I'm looking forward on these sessions where I have the possibility to put the barbell over my head for a good number of reps. Today the game changed a bit. Then squats even though my hamstrings are sensitive from yesterday's good mornings. It wasn't a surprise as I haven't done those basically at all. Seems like a good activating movement! Finally more smashing of lower body with weighed lunges.

Overhead trength.
  • Push press 4x8 @ 65kg
Two weeks of 10's are in the books. Now it's time to cut the reps and go heavier. It's gonna be 8's for the next two weeks with increasing weights. It's not easy to determine the loads but luckily me and my shoulder strength mentor had exactly the same view on this issue. It was 65kg for today, then building up in the future. I took one set on video, the 3rd one.

Presses and squats

  • Every 0:60, perform 3 reps (60, 70, 80, 90, 100kg)
  • Every 1:30, perform 2 reps (105, 110, 115, 120kg)
  • Every 1:30, perform 1 rep (125, 130, 135kg, fail at PR attempt of 140kg)
Loved it. No doubt about it. I was supposed to do sets every 90 seconds but I realized after two sets that I had done them every 60 seconds so I went with that execution up to the triples at 100kg. Then changed it to doubles every 90sec, and finally after the last double at 120kg it was singles every 90 seconds.

I'm very pleased to this portion. Never in my mind had I these weights in my mind for today. My posterior chain is quite jammed but legs felt okay anyway. Didn't know I'd be so well prepared for heavy squats. Don't even remember when I took 135kg up for the last time. Today that was solid effort and form was not compromised.

That gave me confidence to add 5 more kilos for an attempt at new personal record. Before that I loaded up to 160kg, took it up in my front rack and stood it up, stayed for couple of seconds before re-racking the bar. Tried to fool the system this way to think the bar wouldn't be that heavy. The descent was good, and some way back up looked like it should but then strength vanished and I couldn't stand it up. I'm happy that my core didn't bail me. It was just lack of leg strength.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10min
  • 10 reverse lunges @ 50kg
Great way to finish lower body. Go after weighed lunges. Had the bar on my back and completed a set of 10 reverse lunges per minute. That took something like 20-30 seconds every round. This also broke a good sweat after couple of minutes. Liked the fact that it burned my legs and put blood running wildly in my body.

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