Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday 15.12: Clean, Row, Hspu

Tuesday. Every 0:30, perform 1 squat clean @ 90kg, for 10min. Row, 0:20 on, 0:10 off, for 10min. Gymnastics, every 1:30, perform 10 hspu.

This Tuesday I went to workout at the workplace's gym. Back to where it all began. This was my place for 2.5 years, on a daily basis. Base was built here. It was fun to get back there. It was lots of emom style work this time.

  • Every 0:30, perform 1 squat clean @ 90kg
Total of 20 reps, solid work. Nothing too crazy in here. My lower back was tight, probably due to yesterday's lower body smash plus good mornings on Sunday. Anyway, these went nicely. Each rep was similar to each other.

  • Row, 0:20 on, 0:10 off, for 10min
  • Result, 2.274 meters
I saw Graham Holmberg work his butt off on this identical piece of conditioning. Figured it would be great for conditioning. It was basically 10 strokes, then 10 seconds of recovery before the next set. This really hit me somewhere in the middle. It was a good mental stuff. Pace was 1:38-1:41 throughout all the intervals.

  • Every 1:30, perform 10 handstand push-ups
  • Got through 8 sets
Skills practice in the end. Goal was to fatigue my shoulders big time. And I got a good sweat in all three portions of today's session. I went unbroken for maybe 5 sets. 6th was 9-1, then the 7th and 8th were 6-2-2. Those really got tougher on the last sets. At first I thought about going as far as possible on unbroken sets of 10 reps. But then I wanted to get more reps under my belt. I didn't start the 9th set anymore. The last one really smashed my shoulders.

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