Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday 30.12: Oly technique, long metcon + Bench

Wednesday. AM. Technique, clean / snatch. Metcon, 3rds of: 5 bar mu, 10 clean (60kg), 15 burpee, 20 kb swing (24kg), 25 ghd, 30 du, 400m row. PM. Bench 5x3 @ 90kg.

Went to the gym early in the morning. As I anticipated my legs were smoked. Did some technique work in the beginning and then a longer metcon with modest pacing. In the afternoon only bench presses, short session.

Yeah, messy notes but it reminded me what to do next in the metcon =)

  • Clean
  • Snatch
There were barely weight on the barbell. It was either an empty or 40kg barbell all the way. This was mostly concentrating on pause cleans at different phases of the bar path. I believe there is something to this drill that might make a big difference in the long run. Probably the most significant thing with which I have got gains on the snatch technique has been to cut the movement in pieces and do high pulls too.

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 5 bar muscle-ups
  • 10 power cleans, 60kg
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 kettlebell swings, 24kg
  • 25 ghd sit-ups
  • 30 double unders
  • 400m row
Long workout. It took something like 8-9 minutes per round to complete. In the first round my body didn't react too well for the muscle-ups. Those felt heavier than normally. On the second and third round I got them rocking much better.

Power cleans were quick singles in every round. Very smooth in my opinion. However, they got me breathing heavily, especially after jumping right on to 15 burpees. That was a nice combination. I paced myself on those, didn't rush at all but kept the body moving all the time.

Swings were unbroken, the weight was only 24kg so that was kind of no-brainer. Ghd's were quite easy. Yesterday I found out that the happiness to good double unders is to foam roll shins before the jump rope action. Today I did the same trick and du's worked well. Had one miss in one of the sets but I'm very happy on the du's!

Rowing was modest pace all the way. Also the transitions were not the fastest. The purpose of this workout was to keep heart rate under control from the very beginning. Good workout.

  • Bench press 5x3 @ 90kg (first set 5 reps)
After eating twice and sleeping in between I went to the gym again to do bench for strength. After a lengthy warm-up I climbed up to 90kg at which I did 5 sets. The first was 5 reps, the rest were triples. All across @ 90 kilos.

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