Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday 10.12: Handstand, Deadlift, Hspu, Pull-ups, Box

Thursday. Skills, handstand. Deadlift, 5x5 @ 160kg. Metcon, 5rds of: 7 hspu, 14 pull-ups, 21 box. Time, 10.48.

About time to pull from the ground! This time my hands were not ripped at all, and I was anxious of getting my hands on the barbell. Before that there stood handstand on my notes, and the session ended up with a a good conditioning piece of bodyweight action.

  • Handstand
It was a positive surprise to see I had written down handstand practice in my program for today. This skill was neglected for a good time when I was training at my old gym because there was no space for that basically. It was mostly something I worked on during springs and summers. When I changed to this OPC gym this spring I thought there would be more and more of this type of training. Still, it hasn't been there that much. So it's surprising that this thing is going further little by little =)

  • Deadlift 5x5 @ 160kg
It's been some time since pulling from the ground. Reason for this is that on those days that I've planned to do deadlifts there's been some rips in my hands. So it was a lot of positive enthusiasm towards this portion. Kept the bar light because going heavy after some break in the deadlift really feels in my back for days, and kind of prevents 100% training in the upcoming days. Form stayed good and everything felt great.

5x5 @ 160kg

Metcon. Time, 10.48
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 7 handstand push-ups
  • 14 pull-ups
  • 21 box jumps
Nice one! Hspu's were unbroken, and easiest part of the workout. I'd love to have more of them in this wod. Number of pull-ups was double the amount of hspu's. Went unbroken for the first 2 rounds. Then the next 2 rounds were 9-5. Last round was unbroken again. Might have been able to go ub all the way but this was my decision this time, and I hope this was the quicker version overall. Box jumps unbroken. Good breather!

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