Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday 23.12: Bench, Dips, Longer metcon

Wednesday. Bench press 6x5 @ 80kg. Weighted ring dips 7x3 @ 20kg. Metcon, 4rds of: 1.000m row, 20 push-ups, 20 one-handed oh kb lunges (16kg). Time, 25.50.

Today was a very early training session in the morning. I was surprised how fresh I felt at that time. Okay, body feels a bit hammered but I wasn't tired at all and that was a great signal of having enough time to recover and sleep on holidays. Upper body strength to start with, and then a notch longer workout with easier heart rate.


  • Bench press 6x5 @ 80kg

The effect of all the presses and jerks yesterday were obvious today. I felt it in my shoulders for sure. That's why bench presses were heavier than they usually are. I stayed at relatively light weight in all sets, across 80kg in all sets. No prob in these sets though.


  • Weighted dips 7x3 @ 20kg
  • Last set as many reps as possible. Result, 7 reps

This has been non-existing for a long time. I figured it suits well with the bench. There was a set of bodyweight dips for a number of reps, then triples at 10kg and 15kg before doing the first working set. Ended up doing 7 sets at this fixed load.

One set of dips

On the last rep I allowed myself to enjoy the moment and do as many reps as possible to finish the dips. My shoulders were shot at this point but still I was able to do 7 reps. Felt good about it.

Metcon. Time, 25.50

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 1.000m row
  • 20 push-ups
  • 10 right hand kettlebell overhead lunges, 16kg
  • 10 left hand kettlebell overhead lunges, 16kg
This workout's purpose was to go steadily with a bit lower heart rate. Rowing was at 1:55 throughout the wod. Push-ups were unbroken. Kettlebell lunges with holding the single kb overhead is something new I wanted to try out. One training pal threw in the idea of overhead lunges so I modified it to this version.

Short recap of metcon

Had no idea what weight might work for its purpose. I grabbed the first kettlebell and started walking with it. It was 16kg all the way. I also tried 2x16kg but that felt a bit difficult considering my shoulder mobility. Got to try them out later on too. I guess those might make a positive impact.

In the end I realized the weight of the kettlebell was too light. These didn't burn as much I had anticipated. Shoulders were strong in this one. Nice little metcon to finish the session.

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