Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday 21.12: Clean, Hspu, Burpee, Du, Row

Monday. AM. Metcon, 15-12-9 of: hang power clean (50kg), hspu, burpee. Skills, 5x50 du. Ring skills. PM. Rowing and mobility.

Christmas is coming and I'm having two weeks of free time. My plan is to hit it twice a day on most of the weekdays. On Christmas eve it's gonna be a day off but other than that I'm planning to get the most out of this time. One setback has occurred though. My back is killing me. It's due to those deadlift sets I completed last Thursday… Yes, it's been days since pulling from the ground but my back is still sore.

  • 15-12-9 of:
  • Hang power clean, 50kg
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Burpee
Back definitely was an issue today. I was supposed to meet Toni in Liikuntamylly for a long session but my training partner slept in late =) Morning's agenda was kind of Monday Monster Mash type of workout. Three-piece workout of intervals. That didn't happen because my back thought otherwise. Can you believe that 50kg barbell felt heavy to lift from the ground to hips.

Cleans were better but the first pull was awful and got worse by the round. Hspu's were okay but burpees were also painful. Simply couldn't go further. Had to settle my back for a good 15-20 minutes afterwards.

  • 5x50 double unders
  • Ring skills
Little by little it got better and I wanted to practice on my double under skills. It's been long time since doing them so it was about time. Those were supposed to be part of my workout anyway but this worked well too. On some occasions du's went well but there were lots of misses too. I also used rings for skills training, muscle-ups and dips.

  • 1.000m row
  • 3min rest
  • 2.000m row
  • 3min rest
  • 3.000m row
Went downtown for a long lunch with some colleagues at noon and then headed back home from where I pretty soon went back to the gym with Pauliina. Didn't wanna pressure my back too much so I sat on the concept2 and went after rowing. 1k + 2k + 3k with 3min rest between distances.

My pace was sub 1:50 on the first, sub 1:55 on the second and sub 2:00 on the last 3k row. At that point my butt was numb already =) This was a good replacement for morning's setback.

Accessory & Mobility. I had plenty of time to stretch and mobilize my joints and muscles. I also did some upper body strength in the form of biceps and triceps. On these sessions where I have extra time it might be useful to hit some of this type of accessory work. I know for a fact that having these muscles stronger would transfer to oly lifts too. That's the reasoning behind it.

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