Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday 8.12: Snatch and Clean

Tuesday. 7min emom of power snatches (up to 55kg). 7min emom of power cleans (up to 90kg).

This was a regular work day and then right after the work we headed downtown Helsinki for a dinner with a bunch of colleagues. So I had to squeeze in a short session with barbell emoms before leaving. Looks like the Christmas is coming to Helsinki!


  • 7 min, every minute on the minute
  • 1st min: 7 reps @ 40kg
  • 2nd min: 6 reps @ 45kg
  • 3rd min: 5 reps @ 50kg
  • 4th min: 4 reps @ 52.5kg
  • 5th min: 3 reps @ 52.5kg
  • 6th min: 2 reps @ 55kg
  • 7th min: 1 rep @ 55kg

Definitely not the most sound version of my snatches. Wasn't able to bring the barbell high enough up my thighs before the last pull. Still, pretty happy that body felt okay today and seems like my body is now feeling normal.

  • 7 min, every minute on the minute
  • 1st min: 7 reps @ 60kg
  • 2nd min: 6 reps @ 65kg
  • 3rd min: 5 reps @ 70kg
  • 4th min: 4 reps @ 75kg
  • 5th min: 3 reps @ 80kg
  • 6th min: 2 reps @ 85kg
  • 7th min: 1 rep @ 90kg
Cleans felt much better, and the bar obeyed my commands pretty well.

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