Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday 2.12: Deads, Bench, 3-rounder

Wednesday. Emom x 12min. Odd min, 3 deads (150kg). Even min, 3 bench (90kg). Metcon, 3rds of: 21 box, 18 wb, 15 kb swing (24kg), 12 burpee. Time, 9.40

It's been a while since previous meathead day but Thursday's are reserved for both deadlifts and bench press for the barbell work. Conditioning has more variations but I'd like to pull heavy and press once a week. My hands have been ripped for some time and deadlifts have been off limits always on those days that I've planned to do heavy pulls. Metcon was a great one!

  • Every minute on the minute x 12 minutes
  • Odd minutes, 3 deadlift @ 150kg
  • Even minutes, 3 bench press @ 90kg
Okay the weights were moderate on the deadlifts. That's because I haven't done deadlifts in a while so going high on the loads might make my back to get jammed up for days. Easier way to start them at 150kg. The weight itself is light. Back felt great and stayed flat all the way. My legs are extremely beaten up due to yesterday's long squat sets and weighed lunges in the metcon. Doesn't feel good to sit down at all right now =)

So it was also obvious that hamstrings were lit up when I was warming up to these weights. I was able to move this weight quite easily. Don't know what's wrong with my hands but deadlifts usually "hurts" most in my fingers / palms. Legs and back are good, fingers are the ones preventing me to lift heavy always.

Bench was relatively heavier. Deads were something like +70% and bench was somewhere over 80%. First 4 sets were good. The last 2 sets were heavy for sure. This was a good way to combine two strength elements in one strength piece. I saw Crossfit Mayhem combine bench and back squats together, triples and fives in emom style or one set every 90 seconds. I liked that. This time I mixed deads and bench but squats could be a good partner for couplet as well.

Metcon. Time, 9.40
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 21 box
  • 18 wall ball
  • 15 kettlebell swing, 24kg
  • 12 burpee
Perfect. Simply perfect. As you look at the movements you probably realized too that there is really no reason to stop in the workout. At least no reason to break down the movements. The number of reps per set are tolerable and you can push through no matter what. This put lungs to test nicely, and it was an unbroken workout.

Don't know, maybe there was room to shorten the transitions. Hard to say but at least at this beaten up condition I'm very happy on the way I was able to keep moving for the entire time. Great piece of conditioning for sure!

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