Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday 16.12: Rahoi

Wednesday. Hero wod Rahoi, 12min amrap of: 12 box, 6 thruster (43kg), 6 burpee. Result, 192 reps.

Benchmark workout Rahoi. There was a chance of doing snatches and back squats today but back was too tight for that one so I decided to get a good warm-up and focus on Rahoi. This was the second time doing this one.

  • 12min amrap of:
  • 12 box
  • 6 thrusters, 43kg
  • 6 burpee
As rx'd this should be bar-facing burpees but there isn't a good spot where to jump over the barbell and face it for burpees. That takes some space and it's damn hard to find find a good place at this gym without disturbing a good bunch of people in the process. That's why my stations were the box seen below, bar on the platform and burpees behind the platform as regular burpees.

This probably helped me gather more reps as I got a clearly better result than in the beginning of this year. It was well over one full round more but I wouldn't like to compare these that much because the burpees were not identical.

This is a good burner and a nice test for lungs. It needs to be unbroken, just pace yourself on each movement. There is still some transition times to be cut off to get more reps completed in the 12 min time frame. Very good workout in opinion!

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