Saturday, June 20, 2015

Friday 19.6: Wall Ball Simulator

Friday. "Wall ball simulator". Time, 10.24

Friday was a day off of work because we are celebrating Mid-Summer. It's a national holiday, and the day is at its longest. There is no night at all that day, sun never goes down. Pretty awesome if you ask me! We went to a friends' place for the entire day to spend the day, do some barbecue and hit the outdoor jacuzzi they had bought. That was great! In the morning I went to throw wall ball outdoors to get a good shoulder burn.

Mid-summer bonfire!

Wall ball simulator.

  • 10-15-20-25-30-25-20-15-10 wall ball shots
  • *Unbroken Sets! If you drop the WB the set does not count… Rest as needed between sets.*

This was copied directly from Crossfit Mayhem, a.k.a Rich Froning's affiliate. Turned out to be a great workout. "Flight Simulator"is originally done as double unders, starting from 5 reps, adding 5 per set, going all the way to 50, then dropping back down to 5 reps, and each set must be unbroken. Otherwise you got to start all over again.

The ideology here was the same but obviously the sets can't go as high. This constituted a total of 170 reps which is a lot of wall balls. Had no misses in these sets. That was self evident when I thought about this. It would be huge disappointment by having to drop the wb for example at 24 reps in the biggest set (30 reps). That would be a turn off big time =)

So I had my recoveries between sets so that there wouldn't be a question whether I'd make it or not. Those 3 sets in the middle were the toughest for sure. That is 25-30-25 reps. My shoulders were burning in this one. Legs felt fine all the way, it was mostly on breathing and shoulders on these sets. The video is missing the last set of 10 reps which I finished with just a short break because it was only 10 reps. You can do 10 wall balls on any given moment. Great workout for Friday morning!

WB Simulator

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