Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday 27.6: Squat, Handstand, Wall ball

Saturday. AM: emom x 10min: 2 squat @ 110kg. PM: Handstand. Wall balls for fun: 200 reps.

The sky opener pretty clear for this Saturday and we took off to the woods early in the morning for a 30min run / walk (half and half). We were going to the city before heading to the countryside but I somehow managed to find a 30min time slot to sneak to the gym for a quick squat session. I wanted to get my hands on a barbell because I knew that's not an option anymore in Klaukkala.

  • Emom x 10min:
  • 2 back squat, 110kg

Yesterday I got some lighter high rep sets done with 100kg. Today's session was very quick. Just half an hour time and I don't wanna skip the warm-up so it was hasty. Heavier sets were in my sight but didn't have enough time to build up to serious weights. This was a lot of fun though! I have a video of this action but you'll get to see it only tomorrow.

  • Handstand
  • 200 wall ball shots, 9kg

We had some things to do at the house but there was plenty of time to mess around. Took some handstand practice and then threw the wall ball for 200 reps, not for time. Unbroken sets of 5x20, and then 4x25. These felt good all the way. Had no issues with the shots. Nice movement.

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