Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday 4.6: Clean and jerk, Snatch, Burpee box, T2b

Thursday. Clean and jerk 3 sets of 1+3 @ 80kg. Jerk dips 5x3 (max 110kg). Emom x 15min, 1st min: 12 db snatch (25kg), 2nd min: 10 burpee box, 3rd min: 12 t2b.

This was a good day! My personal training wasn't at its best with the barbell, felt heavy with loads that should not feel like so. But the big news was I got a friend at the gym with me. We've tried to match timetables together so that Jouni would have the chance to hit it with me at the gym. Then Jasper also came there a little later. That was freaking awesome!

  • Clean and jerk, 3 sets of 1+3 @ 80kg
This is great exercise for building up consistency on clean and jerk. One clean, then 3 split jerks. I took the first two sets with squat clean, then the last one with a power clean. My body was still a bit tired as I wrote yesterday so having a semi-heavy barbell on my hands didn't feel like it's flying up.

I took the first set as touch'n'go at the front rack position, never resting the bar there between jerks. Below you'll see the second and third set. And as you see, they are far from perfect. Foot work wasn't there. Too short lunges which means the jerk is not balanced that well. This weight should feel much lighter than it was today.

  • Jerk dips 5x3 (90, 100, 110, 110, 110kg
This was kinda accessory work for the jerk. Took the bar from rack, placed it on the front rack position, and took a triple dip. Getting used to heavier weights than my max load for jerk. Having that weight on my front shoulders more frequently should make it easier to jerk weights over 90kg up in the air. Plus I get to work on my hip work at the same time.

  • Every minute on the minute x 15min:
  • 1st min, 12 dumbbell snatch, 25kg (6/6 reps)
  • 2nd min, 10 burpee box jump
  • 3rd min, 12 toes-to-bar
This was a great one! At first I thought how is it going to feel but I reckoned it's probably going to get real pretty soon. And it did. First round okay, then it got heavier. All these three elements were nasty in their own way.

Snatches got to the breathing, and also grip strength was on test at some point of the workout. I put the weight at 25kg per dumbbell, and took the reps from hang position. Six reps with right hand, then six reps with left hand. It probably took something like 25 seconds.

Burpee box jumps can be nothing but a delight. Those obviously put the heart rate up in the sky in a blink of an eye. All these movements had to be unbroken of course. Otherwise the point of the workout would have been missed quite badly. Doing these burpee boxes took something like 32-33 seconds per minute. At first I thought about 12 reps but those 2 extra reps would have took about 40 seconds and made the recovery tougher for the next movement which was t2b.

Got these also done ub but in the last two rounds they got tough. I was not going to break them down though, that was a mental decision. Jasper was talking me up during the wod and that helped tremendously.

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